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"Between Us" (Tra di Noi) - photography is back in Pietrasanta

The amazing photography is back at the Cloister of St. Augustine with "Between Us" (Tra di Noi). From Saturday 31th of May (opening at 18.30), the protagonists are 6 fammale photographers: Silvia Amodio, Cettina Calabrò, Laura Garfagnini, Francesca Giannelli, Eleonora Guerri e Miriam Marlia. An all-female dialogue, women that portray women in their intimacy, in their innermost thoughts, in the deeper glances. Women who tell other women.
The initiative's objective Pietrasanta association in collaboration with the Department of Culture. Portraits and images of femininity will be placed in the Cloister of St. Augustine. The exhibition, curated by Ubaldo Dati, will be open until 8 June, from 11 am to 13 and from 16 to 19 hours.

"The photography is becoming an ever new spaces in Pietrasanta - says the mayor Domenico Lombardi - giving voice to local realities. Collaborating with the cultural associations that have chosen Pietrasanta as their home, we have a lively workshop that will allow us to propose important and original photographic journey"

The exhibits are all free admission; opening hours 19-24 (except for a few events that could have a custom time, you should check  or by phone by calling +39 0584 795500).