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Igor Mitoraj gives to Pietrasanta another work, it is a high-relief bronze

A new art event in Pietrasanta signed by Polish artist Igor Mitoraj. Pietrasanta’s honorary citizen since 2001, one of the leading exponents of contemporary art, Mitoraj will donate another of his works to the city, after the sculpture ‘The Centaur’ (1994) and the frescoes in the hall of the Town Hall (2000).


It is a high-relief bronze (180 x 300 cm) that develops the theme of the Annunciation, for the central lunette of the church of St. Augustine, which is located directly on Piazza Duomo, from the 90s used as exhibitions devoted to ‘contemporary expression.

Another work that testifies the strong link established by Mitoraj with Pietrasanta where he arrived for the first time in 1979 and where, in 1983, he decided to settle thus opening his own studio. The relief is a work ‘site specific’ for the facade of the church: the bezel looks currently with no decorations, both graphic and plastic, while at one time, as shown by historical attestations, housed a fresco of the Annunciation already extremely damaged in the nineteenth century and of which the late 50′s not one left ‘no trace.

The inauguration of this intervention, which confirms Pietrasanta leader of that dialogue between ancient and contemporary in Italy has always distinguished, a lively debate arts and culture, is scheduled for Sunday, July 7 at 10 am. In the churchyard of St. Augustine, after greeting the mayor of Pietrasanta Domenico Lombardi and Superintendent Joseph Stolfi, will speak Adolfo Lippi, journalist, writer and director. It will also present the artist.